Ruby Hall Clinic, a prominent hospital system in Pune, India is committed to a multi-year modernization of its hospital information systems. The transformation was necessitated by both growth in demand and the desire to enable cutting-edge analytic capabilities. Demand for its services has continued to expand as a result of its growing reputation and through corporate and other third-party partnerships. DecisivEdge is leading Ruby Hall’s HIS transformation, developing modular, scalable solutions using the most current technologies. The primary challenge with the In-patient module was to improve patient experience and the efficiency of front-end staff.


DecisivEdge developed a responsive web application that is a fully integrated module in the new HIS. The solution provides a variety of enhanced features focused on patient experience and operational efficiency.

Core features of the solution are:

  • Enquiries/help desk operations
  • Patient registration & admission
  • Aadhaar Card Scanning for faster patient registration process
  • Real-time bed management including reservations and transfers
  • Generating admission slips, barcode labels and visitor passes
  • Admission deposits
  • Admissions Turn-Around-Time Report
  • Integration with the central patient registration module
  • Occupancy dashboard and other MIS reports
  • SMS notifications to doctors and patients


The In-patient module which was deployed successfully despite the Covid-related restrictions has enabled streamlined operations and simplified processes. It has resulted in a significant improvement in the patient experience and overall operational efficiency.

The key outcomes are:

  • Significant reduction in turn-around-time for admission process
  • Improved bed management and real-time bed availability tracking
  • Enabled tracking of patient referrals effectively
  • Track admission deposit and issue alerts, in case of no deposit or depleted deposit
  • Improved overall user experience and patient satisfaction


“The system has significantly enhanced customer service and the patient experience.” – IT Head, Ruby Hall Clinic

“The In-patient system has streamlined bed-management and reduced overall patient wait times.” – Key User, Ruby Hall Clinic