A global payments provider was looking to develop a regional digital engagement solution for banks and other lenders. This was a new product offering targeted at the India market.


DecisivEdge was engaged to develop an omni-channel solution that included an Android application for consumers and field agents and a backend web application for branch agents and managers. The solution included:

Customer Connect

The Android application was designed to allow field agents to enroll new customers or create new accounts for existing customers. The application allows for the capture of key Customer information, attach a photo of the customer to the application, and scan and attach key customer documents to the application.

The application has an integrated QR code scanner (to capture Aadhar information) and a bio-metric device to authenticate the transaction. Once the transaction is authenticated, the customer form is saved, and all the captured data is transmitted to the backend. Concurrently, a transaction reference number is generated that is sent to the customer’s email or mobile phone.

Account Creation

The backend web application enables branch agents and managers to review and approve submitted forms. Following validation and approval these are passed to the bank’s core platform for account creation.

The web application included a prospect database and supported the assignment and tracking of prospects/leads to field agents. Dashboards allowed for reporting on various metrics at the field agent level – including number of leads assigned, status of the assigned leads, number of account conversions, etc.

The solution was created in a very short timeframe, using an agile development approach. The timeframe was driven by our client’s desire to showcase the solution at a major upcoming conference they were hosting.


The product was delivered in time to be demonstrated at our client’s conference. It was well received and met our client’s expectation both in terms of its features/functionality but also in terms of the traction it created with their target clients.


“I would like to thank DecisivEdge for developing a viable solution under such tight time constraints. The product was very well received at the conference.”
Manager – Product Engineer