You Bought an Omnichannel Platform, Now what? Focus on the Customer Experience Journey

Omnichannel contact center

If you’re one of the many organizations that has migrated to a cloud-based omnichannel contact center platform, you might be wondering, what now?

For many, the rising need to support remote agents and a hybrid work environment has accelerated the adoption of cloud-based contact centers. However, cloud-based contact platforms are much more than just a remote enabling tool.

Cloud-based contact centers provide companies with the opportunity to offer a true Omni-channel experience—meeting the Customer at their channel(s) of choice. To get there however, you’ll need more than just a technology foundation.

For many organizations, the challenge is all in the data, or more specifically, a gap in the knowledgebase that allows an organization to effectively leverage the platform to optimize the customer experience.

Customers expect to be able to have a seamless customer experience regardless of channels used and customers expect companies to understand their needs. However, a high proportion of Customer Experience leaders lack ability to explain why customers take certain actions. Actionable data is not available as ownership of channels is often siloed.

Integration, information and inspiration are foundational principles to an effective omnichannel contact center solution. Deriving the integrated solution requires a focus on what “journeys” matter most to your customers. Part of every customer experience transformation process is to solidify the most relevant journeys based on the customer value and then build around other channel use. To do this effectively requires a consolidated view of your customer interactions.

Every communication channel must be considered. In a 2021 study, Khoros1 found that 78% of consumers will use a different channel based on different situations. In fact, a study by MIT Sloan management review found that 66% of customers surveyed used 3 or more channels to engage with their companies. However, that doesn’t mean that voice is going away!’s recently released the Fourth Edition of its “State of Service” Report2 made note that voice is not going away. In fact, its surveys showed that voice is the second favorite channel behind email.

Today’s consumer is concerned about THEIR experience. Their past purchase at Zappos, Amazon or L.L.Bean will become the benchmark for their next interaction with you! Engaging a specialist in your Customer Experience transformation journey can be a wise investment to guide your path to answer what’s next on your journey to deliver an effective omnichannel contact center solution.

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