Specialized QA Testing Services

When contemplating specialty QA services, Organizational needs and Business Applications can vary widely.  Specialized areas like Mobile Testing, BI/Big Data, IVR, Non-Functional, and even Release Management Services require a skilled and experienced partner who’s done it before.


  • Specialty Testing. By guiding you through the nuances of Mobile Testing and the complexities of BI and Big Data Testing. Our mobile capabilities include both manual and automated testing on numerous physical devices.  We pride ourselves in providing high value BI Solutions for Clients so we’re experienced in testing these products and exceeding expectations.
  • Non-Functional Testing. Go beyond simply functional testing but explore how your applications will perform during peak loads or under extreme stress. Also, help you identify whether your web applications are vulnerable to security threats or your environments are susceptible to malicious hackers.
  • IVR Testing. Validate your IVR processing is working as you intended. We have a long history of helping clients test their IVR and CTI applications. More recently we have worked with Cloud Based IVR test automation vendors that can guarantee proper test coverage with significant cost savings.
  • Release Management. Attain a proper software delivery cadence, manage new demand and resolve issues while still staying on schedule. Whether your methodology is Agile, Waterfall or Iterative, we have experience in evaluating your current process and customizing the right Release Management approach to meet your business goals and satisfying customer expectations.


DecisivEdge was hired by an e-Commerce Leasing company to conduct mobile testing for its mobile website. DecisivEdge leveraged its mobile device capabilities at its Off-shore offices where the QA team created specific test scenarios and test cases which were routinely executed and results were reported back to the customer on a daily basis.


DecisivEdge was contracted to develop an application for mobile devices (smart phone and tablets) that was to adhere to the customer’s development policies and a pre-defined proto-type. Along with the development, DecisivEdge was responsible for e2e testing on various devices and operating systems. DecisivEdge created test plans, test scenarios, test cases and included automation testing to support the Agile development methodology. Tests were executed, defects identified, reproduced and defects were report and resolved on all identified devices.


A fortune 500 Insurance company engaged DecisivEdge to evaluate the feasibility of providing automated and manual IVR testing services. The client is challenged with frequent vendor and infrastructure upgrades to its multi-location IVR installations. DecisivEdge proposed a number of IVR test automation software solutions along with supplying blended On-shore and Off-shore resources to improve speed to market and alleviate its resource constraints.


DecisivEdge was hired by an e-Commerce retailer with a captive leasing capability to review their Release Management process and recommend improvements. DecisivEdge first conducted an assessment of the client’s current Agile release process as compared to industry best practices. This was followed by a comprehensive report with recommendations that detailed improvements in release governance and communication, demand capture (new projects, enhancements and bug fixes), release cadence and Jira processes all of which were accepted by the client.