Newark, Delaware (May 21, 2019) –  DecisivEdge, a technology services and consulting company and LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS, a fast-growing provider of Loan Origination Software are excited to announce a strategic partnership.

DecisivEdge will integrate the Servicing and Collections modules of its LLaaS solution with Launcher’s appTRACKER loan origination solution to provide a modern, functionally rich, cloud-based, end-to-end lending and leasing solution. appTRACKER seamlessly handles both direct and indirect application channels and can easily be integrated into an existing web portal or function as a stand-alone web portal.

“We are excited to partner with Launcher to pair their world-class loan origination solution with our robust servicing and collections solution” said Sukumar Narayanan, President of DecisivEdge. DecisivEdge and Launcher together offer significant value to lenders, giving them easy, multi-channel integration and a robust, end-to-end solution that will allow them to source, decision and service loans more efficiently,” added Narayanan.

“This partnership brings together some of the best talents in the loan and lease solutions industry,” said Nikh Nath, President of Launcher. “As Launcher continues to diversify its Loan and Lease Origination offerings, our mutual customers will benefit from this collective expertise. Launcher’s appTRAKER LOS seamless integration with DecisivEdge Lending and Leasing as a Service (LLaaS) provides a flexible and powerful solution for this industry.”

About DecisivEdge

DecisivEdge is a business consulting and technology services firm. We use industry insight, technology, and analytics to solve our client’s critical business challenges. With offices in North America and Asia, our global team helps clients across the world find, develop, and sustain the competitive advantage. We offer a tightly knit suite of solutions and services designed to optimize processes, mitigate risk, and increase the value of your business.

When you need a powerful advantage in your market, let DecisivEdge drive you to distinction. We welcome the opportunity to learn about your unique business challenges.

About Launcher.Solutions

LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS is a technology products and services company built on the foundation of care, understanding, innovation, and speed. It specializes in loan origination for sub-prime/near-prime automotive lending institutions, regional banks and credit unions. Its product offerings include appTRAKER LOS for indirect automotive lending as well as consumer direct lending and leasing, myDEALER.CARE dealer relationship management system, and myACCOUNT.CARE customer self-service and communication solution. LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS has service offerings aimed at helping its clients with projects related to data analytics, data integration, telephony, and custom web development. Learn more about LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS at or call at 877.5LNCHER. Follow us on LinkedIn at